Tips for Remote Business Management During COVID

Under normal circumstances, time management is one of the most common issues in terms of productivity. But in these times, company owners are facing new challenges. Many companies are turning to virtual assistant services to help them with remote business management during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The biggest problem for business owners is supporting their employees during this time and ensuring team members complete tasks on time. Schools are closed, shops are implementing social distancing measures, and people are worried during these uncertain times. More and more companies are turning to remote working to survive the pandemic. But how can a business adapt to the work from home model? 

Top Tips for Remote Business Management 


So, how can a company transition from an office environment to remote working? It’s hard, but possible if you take the right steps. 

Improve Your Communication Channels 

Many employers find it’s useful to schedule a daily phone call with their team to discuss any issues. Email is fine when you’re all under the same roof, but your employees will benefit from video conferencing channels such as Zoom

It’s also a great idea to incorporate Slack into your company. Employees can keep in touch with each other and share ideas. Remote working is difficult for people, but by ensuring your team can communicate properly can make the process a lot easier. 

Allow your team some time to catch up on the news, and enjoy interacting with each other. Remember, in an office environment team members will often engage in conversation about their personal lives. It’s not fair to expect them to keep everything professional, so set up some fun Slack channels. 

Offer Emotional Support

Remote working isn’t for everyone, and some of your employees may struggle to make the transition. Your support is vital to your teams professional and emotional wellbeing. They need to know you understand that times are complicated, and as their manager, you need to ensure they have the right support. 

Set aside time to meet with individuals and discuss any issues or worries they might have. Your employees will look to for your guidance, and if you present a confident front, they’ll adapt to remote working a lot easier. 

Use Virtual Assistant Services


If you’re not used to working from home, it can be challenging to adjust. Virtual assistants perform a range of duties to support businesses, and they know how to work in a remote environment. Bringing a professional into your company means you can help other team members with the transition to remote working. Virtual assistants come in all forms, and we perform a range of duties. 

Administrative Support 

If you’re working remotely, then your clients are most likely doing the same thing, and they’re probably struggling as much as you are! Hiring a virtual assistant can help you to manage your communication channels and stay in touch with your clients and team members. 

HR Department

Virtual assistant services can be used as a tool to assist the HR department and help you to restructure many processes that may have seemed outlandish a few years back. 

These include vacation applications such as remote screening candidates, onboarding, and administrative work, scheduling interviews, and analysis.

You can hire the HR virtual assistants that could help you to provide a silver lining to these troubles. Many companies have created their policies to get their remote work policy bang-on, while also providing the right tools in place. 

Marketing Support 

Marketing during these times is crucial, and with so many people working from home, they’ll notice your efforts more. Content marketing is the best way to increase your exposure as a company and become an authority within your industry. But blogging and posting on social media takes a lot of time and effort. 

Virtual assistants often come from a marketing background and can work from home to put an effective content strategy together. Businesses want and need advice, so why not become a source of information for potential clients? 

Data Collection

A Virtual Assistant can aid in your data collection efforts and put automation processes in place. You can use us to fill in forms, go through procedures with new clients and research software platforms to improve your team’s collaborative approach. 

It’s natural to worry about the impact COVID will have on your business. Still, a virtual assistant can keep up to date with valuable information and relay it to your management team. Which companies are struggling? Are some companies flourishing during this time? Information like this can help you target the right clients. 

The Bottom Line 

It seems that remote business management will be our new normal for the foreseeable future. Instead of fearing it, embrace the opportunities working from home offers and focus on implementing technology. 

COVID-19 is an opportunity to strengthen your team, look at new ways of working and collaborate with other professionals. You can make it a positive experience if you support your team and collaborate with remote professionals

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