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Content Marketing VS PPC – The Big Battle

When you are planning to design a comprehensive digital marketing plan, you need to compare some available options. Content marketing and PPC (Pay Per Click) are the two most popular strategies that you can use for promoting your business. Each of those marketing tactics has its benefits for your business performance.

Many experts believe that content marketing is much better than PPC. So, let’s dive in and learn more about content marketing vs PPC.

Which Generates High-Quality Leads? 

Blogging, copywriting, and social media marketing are all going to attract attention. Guess what? They’re also forms of content marketing. Using content marketing as a strategy means you can reach your target audience and connect with people that are actively looking for your service or product. 

However, PPC can also offer some excellent leads if you know how to use audience targeting, but it’s challenging to find people who are actively looking for the service you provide. 

Content marketing allows you to find better leads than PPC marketing. High-quality leads either actively looking to make a purchase, or individuals that are likely to engage with your business. 

Which is More Cost-Effective?

If you are looking for the best method with a high Return on Investment (ROI), you should focus your efforts on implementing a content marketing strategy. It’s more cost-effective than PPC, and once a reader engages with your content, they’ll likely come back for more. 

So, what about PPC? Well, if you know what you’re doing, then you can generate some positive results, but think about your budget before you commit yourself to Google or Facebook advertising. The average click-through rate of every PPC campaign is just 2%, so while PPC can work, it all depends on how much money you have, and the industry in which you’re operating. 

You can save a lot of your money when you consider using the content marketing strategy for promoting your business. Good ROI can help you grow your business significantly in the long run.

Which Compels Customers to Make a Purchase?

PPC works well to get traffic to your website, but what about when it comes to making a purchase? This round was over before it even began. Content marketing is the clear winner and here’s why: 

 You need to nurture your potential customers, so they are ready to buy any of your products. According to the study from Gleanster Research, 50% of qualified leads that visit a website aren’t prepared to make a purchase. But, when they have the opportunity to learn more about your business, their confidence in what you’re offering grows. 

An effective content marketing strategy, for example, permission-based marketing, can help you nurture your leads effectively. It seems to deliver the best result, compared to the other types of marketing.

Which Creates More Brand Awareness?

Content marketing is beneficial to help you create brand awareness from your business. You can let your customers know about your core values, business culture, and mission. Companies that use their social media channels and specialist blogging services can create a positive image and generate brand loyalty. 

PPC is also useful for introducing people to your brand, and if you have a large budget, then you can use it to create loyalty from your website visitors. However, while PPC offers a quick solution, companies that use content marketing can retain their customers

And The Winner Is…..

<h3>content marketing</h3>

When it comes to PPC and content marketing, each has its distinct advantages. If you want to generate interest quickly, then PPC is the best option. It’s ideal for: 

  • Promotions
  • Special-Offers
  • New product launches
  • Getting people to visit your website

Most business owners know that a one-time visit isn’t enough for long-term success. The fact is, you need content marketing to stand out from the crowd and ensure people visiting your website know who you are and what you do. 

Content marketing is the best option for:

  • Creating an effective marketing strategy
  • Increasing your brands reach 
  • Retaining customers
  • Scaling your business 

So, the battle of content marketing vs PPC is over, and the winner is; Content Marketing

Now you know your focus should be on content marketing, it’s time to think about what you can and can’t do. If you need some help along the way, reach out today

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