Blogging 101: What Not To Do

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When I tell people I’m a blogger, they always respond with “You’re so lucky, what a great job!” One of the most common misconceptions about blogging is that it’s so easy anyone can do it. The fact is, blogging isn’t the same as keeping a diary, especially if you want to build an online presence. 

Blogging is an invaluable tool for increasing engagement, developing a good reputation and turning leads into conversions. If you’re feeling blogged down, then here is what not to do

Don’t Write For Yourself 

You love fashion and you want to write about it. That’s great, but not if your business involves accountancy services. There are personal blogs and business blogs and you should never get the two mixed up. 

Every company needs to build a positive online reputation and blogging is the most powerful weapon at your disposal. I love unsolved mysteries, and if I had the time I’d write about them all day every day. However, why would my potential clients want to know about the woman who disappeared on a cruise ship? This information serves no purpose for them, and therefore is useless for my business. 

When you think about your topic, ask yourself these questions: 

☁ Is the topic relevant to the product of service I’m selling? 

☁ Will people find the information useful? 

☁ Do I have enough knowledge about the topic to write with authority?

☁ Will people want to read about the topic? 

If you’re struggling to find inspiration, HubSpot has an excellent topic generator

Don’t Neglect Data and Statistics 

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Blogging is about providing useful information for people, but many new bloggers think readers care about their opinions. Sorry to break it to you, but until you’ve become an authority within your industry, nobody really wants to know what you think! 

If you’re blogging to encourage people to use your service, then you need to convince them why it’s a worthy investment. For example, if you offer administrative services you should use statistics to show your readers why outsoucing their admin tasks is beneficial.

Remember, you don’t want to get people to take note of your opinion, you want to convince them to take action. 

Don’t Write Too Formally 

The most successful bloggers engage with their audience and make sure their writing is approachable. At school you were taught to write in a formal manner, but nobody wants to read a boring blog post. Try to write you blog as if you’re talking directly to your audience, and don’t be afraid to show your fun side. 

According to Buffer, 55% of readers spend only 15 seconds on your article, so it’s vital you leave them wanting more. Don’t be scared to throw in some contractions and keep it simple. Big words might get you an A on that term paper, but they discourage people from reading your blog. 

Don’t Just Start Blogging 

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Blogging is a godsend for creative individuals, but don’t forget that your post should follow a structure. Just as if you were writing a novel, you should plan your blog post before you let the words flow. 

Start by deciding on your title, and create your sub-headings. Doing this will make it easier to write the content and you’re less likely to steer away from the topic. Never forget to do your keyword research before you start writing! 

A blog post without keywords is like chips without salt and vinegar! SEO is the magic ingredient for getting your blog noticed on search engines. Don’t forget, search engines aren’t people and they sweep your article for keywords. If you forget about the keywords, then nobody will find your blog post. 

Here are some of the best keyword research tools in 2019.

Don’t Go It Alone 

The business world is more competitive now than ever, but so many small business owners try to do everything themselves to save money.  Common sense says this technique isn’t helpful, because we can’t be good at everything! 

If blogging isn’t your strong point, then consider using blog management services to increase your engagement and build your customer base. As a blog specialist, I can tell you now that a well-planned blog with quality content is the thing that will make or break your business. 

Websites with a blog attract thirteen times more engagement, which means a small investment in blog management services will result in long-term success. If you’ d like to enjoy success in a saturated market, contact me today for a free no obligation consultation.

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