About Our Blog Management Services

About Blog Management Services

Hi there! I’m Hannah. I’m a virtual assistant and blog manager. My job is to help people like you manage their time, by taking on the tasks you hate. My blog management services are for small businesses, website owners and self-employed individuals who need some support.

I’ve worked for a variety of companies, providing blog management services that deliver results.

Does Your Blog Create An Impression?

You know how important content marketing is, but can you create content that sells? The Fact is, the content you create sets the tone of your business. It’s so easy to get it wrong, and many small business owners find content marketing the most stressful part of marketing.

Statistics show that businesses with a blog attract 67% more traffic and having a blog gives you a 434% chance of ranking highly on search engines. Yes, really. If you’re thinking about using blog management services, then you’ve come to the right place.

All It Takes Is One Email

I’ve worked with a range of companies, and each understood the importance of having a blog. One of the things I hear most is small business owners telling me they don’t have the time to manage a blog. Maybe you’re in a similar situation, or struggling to find the right words, but I’m here to help!

My background includes copywriting, content marketing and administrative support. Why did I decide to become a blog manager? Because I love what I do! Writing is my talent, but I offer blog management services because I know how a blog can change your life.

I’ve worked with e-commerce stores, industrial companies, pet care businesses and self-employed individuals to increase their visibility and rank higher on search engines. One email could change your life, so contact me today!

Get in touch and we’ll discuss how your website is performing, what we can do to improve your results and generate more leads.

Blog Management FAQ’s

What Happens After I Get In Touch?

Once you’ve contacted me, I’ll arrange a free consultation at your convenience. I use Skype, telephone or if you’d prefer we can arrange a conversation on Google Hangouts.

Will Your Blog Management Services Work?

I’m not going to lie, because that’s unfair to both of us. Blog management services absolutely do work, but building a presence takes time. Regular posts, great SEO and content people want to read will deliver long-term results. Don’t worry, you’re in good hands!

What About The Cost?

I offer a range of packages depending on your needs. Get in touch and we’ll discuss whether you require someone to just write your blog posts, or a content strategy in place. My rates are among the most competitive, and I’m always happy to meet a lower quote.

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